The “Semana Grande” of Donostia-San Sebastián 2023 (Aste Nagusia) is celebrated from August 12 to 19, 2023, from Saturday to Saturday. There are months left before the Great Week of Donostia-San Sebastián begins and one of the most common plans, in addition to the traditional one, is to go see the fireworks by boat. Today we share with you a more interesting and entertaining way to see them.

Can you imagine enjoying the San Sebastian night, in the middle of Bahía de la Concha contemplating the fireworks? What better plan than to rent a boat with friends and see the fireworks in Donostia by boat? Are you coming to spend the Aste Nagusia in Donostia and are you looking for an alternative and original plan to do? Do you want to spend a romantic night with your partner enjoying the Donostia fireworks from a boat?

Imagine the great plan that we offer you: a private night with your friends or family in La Concha Bay watching the famous fireworks while having a drink and chatting. A spectacular view, a privileged enclave and an unforgettable experience. With our boats for rent in Pasaia you will be able to enjoy the best perspective to see the fireworks in Donostia. You will see the show from a unique and different place, due to its proximity, brightness and tranquility of the place.

Boat rental for the Donostia fireworks


Donostia fireworks by boatEn Suministros Marinos Itsaso we have an Italmar Open 17 boat that is ideal for enjoying the Donostia fireworks from the Bay. The boat is 5.2 meters long and has a 60 HP outboard motor, which offers good propulsion reaching 28 knots. With this boat you can navigate in a 5 mile zone.

It also has USB-Bluetooth.FM stereo, shower, bathing ladder, bimini top and sundeck at the bow. With all this equipment you can enjoy a full day at sea, from the morning, bathing in the Bay of La Concha or in nearby coves or enjoying a day of fishing, to end up seeing the Donostia fireworks by boat.

It has a maximum capacity of 6 seats so you can enjoy it with friends or family without worrying about space.


We also have a SOLEMAR semi-rigid boat. Something larger than the previous one, it is 7.44 meters long and has two 115 HP outboard motors. The navigation zone is extended up to twelve 12 miles and a PNB license or higher is required.

Includes everything you need to spend a day at sea enjoying the Gipuzkoan coast without worries: spacious dining table, double solarium (proa and popa), electric molinete fondeo, canopy, shower, bathing ladder, and USB-Bluetooth music equipment.

Recommended for up to 10 people. No tendrás ningún problema en invitar a tus amigos o hacer un plan con toda la familia. You will have no problem inviting your friends or making a plan with the whole family.


For more information visit our boat rental website or call us by phone 943 574 972.
If you are looking for an alternative plan for the Semana Grande in Donostia, call us! Come and enjoy the Donostia fireworks by boat. For more information about collection and return times, prices and requirements, you can contact us.


  • 20:00H Boarding at Pasai Donibane Port
  • 00:00H Ship delivery at Pasai Donibane port
  • Maximum 6 persons
  • Gasoline NOT included (Discounted from Bond)

Service of boat skipper …………………………. 300€
** Pattern according to availability (Max 4 Passengers) **

SEMI-RIGIDA SOLEMAR 7.50 MTS…………………………. 600€

  • 20:00H Boarding at Pasai Donibane Port
  • 00:00H Ship delivery at Pasai Donibane port
  • Maximum 10 persons
  • Gasoline NOT included (Discounted from Bond)

Service of boat skipper …………………………. 300€
** Boat skipper according to availability (Max 6 Passengers) **